This Power is intended to replace Domination.

Description: You can control minds. It's not quick or easy, but it's effective.
Skills Affected: Discipline.
Domination. You may engage a willing or helpless target in a mental conflict. Discipline is used to attack and to defend. You automatically win initiative, and taking an action in this conflict requires a character's full attention. If you are taken out, the conflict ends and you may not resume it for twenty four hours. Each exchange in this conflict takes roughly half an hour by default. You can rush this, but you'll suffer a penalty to all rolls in the rushed exchange. This penalty is -1 for a five minute exchange, -2 for a one minute one, and -3 for a combat-time exchange.
Enthrallment. If you take your target out, you may turn them into a rough thrall or into a Renfield. A rough thrall is identical to the character it once was, except that it now obeys you robotically and takes no initiative. Change its High Concept to reflect that. A rough thrall can recover given roughly a month without re-enthrallment, the help of a wizard or therapist, or a Compel against you on one of its aspects triggered by an attempt to force it to do something diametrically opposed to its nature. A Renfield is similar to a rough thrall, but retains none of its previous memories or identity. Renfields are incurable.
Superior Enthrallment [-1]. Your Enthrallment attacks inflict two additional stress. In addition, you may transform defeated targets into fine thralls. A fine thrall is identical to the character it once was, except it now seeks the goals you assign for it in place of its own. Change its High Concept to reflect that. You may also transform thralls into supernatural beings. Select four Refresh of Powers and stunts. Whenever you enthrall a character, you may grant them those abilities. Change their Aspects to reflect their new nature, as normal.