This page exists to store examples of how DFRPG is played. Examples generally fall into three different categories.

Manufactured Examples are the first category. A Manufactured Example was never actually played; it was written in order to show how some area of the game works. Manufactured Examples are good for learning the rules.

Play Reports are the second category. A Play Report is a summary of the events that happened in a game. Play Records are good for entertainment, since many game plots are interesting stories in their own right.

Game Records are the third category. A Game Record is just a game, recorded in complete detail. Game Records are good for getting a feel for how the game works in practice, and for sharing in the experiences of the people who played the game.

Manufactured Examples

Sample Combat
Sample Summoning
Sample Physical Conflict
Sample Social Conflict
Sample Magical Fight
Sample Thaumaturgy

Play Reports

Highway To Hell
Dresden Files Dallas Season One
Dresden Files Dallas Season Two
Shadows Over New York
Emerald City

Game Records

A Whole Bunch Of Play-By-Post Games
Arvandus' Fandible
Knights Of The Night