This Power is intended to replace Feeding Dependency.

Description: Some or all of your powers come from eating something. Probably something weird.
Skills Affected: Discipline.
Restricted Powers. When you take this power, you must select at least one other power that you possess. You must also choose a thing and an amount of that thing that you must consume in order to use those powers. Which powers and foods may be selected with this power is a matter of the GM's discretion. This power provides a variable Refresh rebate depending on how much power is selected with it. If 2 Refresh is selected, the rebate is +1. If 6 Refresh is selected, the rebate is +2. If 10 Refresh is selected, the rebate is +3. And so on. The above values assume that the food is rare or morally objectionable, like significant amounts of human blood or huge piles of cash. If the food is acquired easily and without guilt, or only with extreme measures, add or subtract an appropriate amount from the Refresh total used to calculate the rebate. If more Refresh is attached to this power than is required for the rebate received, this power provides a free mild hunger consequence for every two additional Refresh or part thereof.
Feeding. You are capable of consuming whatever your food is. Furthermore, when you do so, you may remove any hunger consequences that you possess and recover any powers that you lost to your hunger. If you consume an insufficient amount of your food, you may receive partial benefits at the GM's discretion.
Limited Reserves. At the end of any scene in which you use one or more of your restricted powers, you must roll your Discipline skill against a number equal to the combined Refresh value of the restricted powers that you used. If you fail this roll, you must take consequences or sacrifice restricted powers with a total Refresh value and/or stress value equal to or greater than the amount that you failed by. If you do not or can not, you are taken out. This usually means that you die, get incapacitated, or go mad with hunger, but other fates are also possible depending on the character and the situation.

Adjustments for easy or difficult foods:

-4 Really easy stuff like an ordinary battery, small downtime requirements like a few hours of sunlight
-3 Weird but easy stuff like a hundred pounds of food
-2 Expensive or otherwise inconvenient stuff like 100-year-old paintings, large amounts of downtime like sleeping for a week straight
-1 Stuff that requires some work like a day-long ceremony involving 33 people.
0 Stuff with consequences like enough blood to make a victim pass out, massive downtime like spending months in prayer
+1 Stuff that requires special circumstances like vampire blood
+2 Plot-relevant stuff like a ritualistic human sacrifice, ridiculous downtime like meditating for a decade
+3 Stuff that pretty much requires a quest like an angel's feather
+4 Something nearly impossible like a planet