This Power is intended to replace Item of Power.

Description: Some of your Powers are tied up in a physical object or another thing that can be transferred from person to person.
Note: This Power usually represents a magical object that grants abilities its holder. When it does, the object in question can be indestructible or have whatever other magical effects seem appropriate as long as those effects don't make it mechanically more useful th
an a mundane item.
Skills Affected: None.
Item Limitation. This Power has all of the effects of Limitation. In addition, when this Power causes you to lose your Powers it is possible for another character to take this Power from you. Whoever has this Power also has every Power attached to it. Define the process by which this Power can be borrowed/stolen when you define your Limitation.
Permanent Changes. Whenever a Milestone occurs, the current owner of this Power becomes the permanent owner of this Power. Revise character sheets accordingly. Bear in mind that the seriousness of a Limitation can vary from character to character.
Purpose [-0]. This Power has an Aspect attached to it.