This Power is intended to replace Claws and Breath Weapon.

Description: Your body contains or can produce some kind of weapon or attack.
Note: You have to define what your natural weapons are when you take this power. Some of the upgrades for this Power, like Potent, Venomous, and Area Weaponry, may be appropriate as stand-alone Powers that are attached to an Item of Power.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Guns, Discipline
Natural Weaponry. Your body contains a weapon with a rating of 2. This weapon has a no range, is not capable of spray attacks, benefits from Strength powers, and is wielded with the Fists skill.
Potent Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon has a rating of 4.
Summoned Weaponry [-0]. You must take a supplemental action to create or draw your natural weapon before you can use it. In addition, you may wield your natural weapon with the Weapons skill.
Ranged Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon has a range of three zones and is capable of spray attacks. It may be wielded with the Fists, Weapons, Guns, or Discipline skill. It cannot be used with the defence trapping of Weapons unless you possess the Summoned Weaponry upgrade.
Area Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon may be used to make zonewide attacks.
Selective Weaponry [-1]. (Requires Area Weaponry) You do not harm yourself when making a zonewide attack against your own zone with your natural weapon.
Explosive Weaponry [+1]. (Requires Area Weaponry) Your natural weapon may not be used to make attacks that are not zone-wide.
Imprecise Weaponry [+1]. (Requires Selective Weaponry) You suffer a -2 penalty to the accuracy of any zonewide attack that you make with your natural weapon.
Venomous Weaponry [-2]. You may use your natural weapon to perform special maneuvers. These maneuvers may only inflict one specific Aspect; usually it's POISONED, but it can also be something like ON FIRE or ACCELERATED AGEING if that fits your character better. You may not tag that Aspect, but during your turn in each exchange after the one you performed the special maneuver in each character with that Aspect suffers a weapon 0 physical attack against Endurance with an accuracy equal to the roll you created the Aspect with. This effect ends if the Aspect is removed. You may perform these special maneuvers against every character in a zone, possibly including yourself, if you possess the Area Weaponry upgrade. Outside of a conflict, the effects of these maneuvers are adjudicated by the GM. But as a general rule, they're quickly fatal unless countered by another maneuver.