This Power is intended to replace the Possession upgrade for Domination.

Description: You can take over the bodies of others. Maybe only if they consent, maybe even if they don't.
Skills Affected: Discipline, others.
Possession. You may enter the bodies of willing characters. Entering or leaving a body in a conflict takes your action, and you can stay until you decide to leave or are kicked out by your host. While you are in a character's body, you may control that body as though it were your own. Use your own skills and Powers when doing so. Size Powers and Spirit Form are an exception to this: use your host's Size Powers in place of your own, and if you have Spirit Form it is suppressed while you're in someone else's body. You may also use certain other Stunts and Powers possessed by your host, generally those relating to raw physical ability or the reactions of other characters to your host's body. Some of the host's skills may also modify your own, generally along the same guidelines as Powers and Stunts. The GM is the final judge of which of the host's Powers and Skills and Stunts apply to you.
You're Not Hurting Me. You cannot be targeted with physical attacks while in another character's body, barring special Powers or unusual circumstances. Characters looking to take you down violently will probably have to settle for knocking the person whose body you're using unconscious. Mental and social attacks can target you normally, though, and you may not transfer backlash or physical stress costs to your host. If your host is drawn into a mental conflict, you may participate in that conflict.
Spiritual Eviction. If you end up controlling a host who wants you out, that host may engage you in an opposed Discipline roll. If they win, you are forced out of their body. If you entered their body with their consent, your host may attempt one such roll as soon as they decide to kick you out. Regardless, they may attempt one such roll every time you control their body for another continuous day and every time you use their body to damage them or something they care about. In extreme situations, such as forced suicide, your host may benefit from a circumstantial bonus to the opposed Discipline roll.
Abandoned Body. While you are in another character's body, you are entirely subsumed into your host until you leave into the surrounding area. You can act only through your host's body. Nobody save your host can perceive you unless they have The Sight or another such effect.
Hostile Possession [-2]. You may attempt to possess unwilling victims. This requires you to win a mental conflict, which uses the same timeframe and initiative as a physical fight. Discipline is used to attack and defend in that conflict. During the conflict, you are treated as though you were inside your target's body for the purposes of the Abandoned Body and You're Not Hurting Me Trappings. Taking an action in that conflict takes a character's full attention. If you lose the conflict, you fail to possess the target and can't try again until the next session. If you win, you possess the target normally. If a character is possessed by multiple characters with this Power, the most recent possession takes precedence.