(Family) Shifter [-4]
Description: Your shapeshifting abilities are limited to one family of creatures. For example you might only be able to shapeshift into any type of canine/feline/avian creature.
Musts: You must choose a type of creature that you can shapeshift into.
Skills Affected: Varies
Limited Multiform. You may take on nearly any form so long as it falls within the family of creatures you've chosen.
Limited Skill Shuffle. At the end of the day most cats or most dogs have the same types of skills, just in varying degrees, a tiger might have a higher might rating than a tabby cat. You may build only one alternate skill configuration, but may choose three skills which may be adjusted from form to form within that configuration.
Function Follows These Forms. You have two form points which you may use to gain temporary access to powers that make sense given your chosen family of creatures.
Extra Form Points [-]. You may purchase an extra form points at a one for one ration to refresh spent.
A Family Understanding [+1]. Your understanding of your chosen family of creatures is expansive. You may purchase the pact instincts power for free.