A Pox On Both Your Houses [–1]
Description: Your faith in evil is such that even the protection of a threshold withers under your glower.
Skills Affected: Conviction.
A Pox on Both Your Houses. By your very presence in or outside of a place, you may attempt to decrease the strength of its threshold — assuming your abilities aren’t already dampened too low by a threshold for this power to work. If your Conviction (After any Threshold Dampening) is higher than the Natural Threshold Rating of a particular place (i.e. before any characters’ Bless This House are added in), You may make a Conviction roll, lowering the place’s Natural Threshold Rating by the number of shifts you roll above the Threshold Rating (To a minimum of 1). Multiple individuals who have this power can stack the effects, making a coven of those Faithful to Demons or the Unholy a force to be reckoned with. And woe to anyone who is so foolish as to invite one of them in.