Affliction [-Varies]
Description: With your powers you can inflict a particular negative status effect on an opponent. This may manifest in a variety of ways.
Skills Affected: Any.
Affliction.Pick a type of effect and a skill that's related to that type of effect. You can use that skill to perform manoeuvres related to that type of effect against anything you can touch. As soon as you perform the manoeuvre, you may tag it immediately for an invoke that inflicts a specific status effect on the target (see below). The target is afflicted by the status effect as long as the aspect remains. If the target wants to remove the aspect, they must make a successful counter-manoeuvre against your initial manoeuvre roll (see pg. 207-208 of Your Story). Unlike most manoeuvres, you do not need to keep your attention on the afflicted target to maintain it.

Minor Effects [-1] have an effect that's roughly as strong as a normal Aspect tag, or noticeably stronger but also situational.
Nausea: The target has to concentrate to do anything. For them, supplemental actions inflict a -3 penalty rather than the usual -1.
Examples: Brain Freeze, Distraction, Headaches, Sickness.
Duration: Normal.

Weaken: The target's strength is sapped. They suffer a -1 penalty to Might, and inflict 1 less stress with muscle-powered attacks. You may apply this effect multiple times to the same opponent, but one counter-maneuver suffices to remove all Aspects from this effect.
Examples: Weakened, Drained, Tired.
Duration: Normal.

Berserk: The target flips the hell out and attacks wildly. They get +1 to attack and inflict +1 stress, but get -1 to defend and can't run away or take non-aggressive actions.
Examples: Barbarian Rage, Blinding Hatred.
Duration: Normal.

Inspire: The target is filled with good feelings. They get +2 to defend against fear, despair, lust, and other negative emotions.
Examples: Emotionally Fortified, Inspired, Joyful.
Duration: Normal.

Mild Effects [-2] are noticeably stronger than a normal Aspect tag.
Immobilization: The target is immobilized. Any attempt by the target to move faces a block with strength equal to the result of the maneuver roll.
Examples: Snared, Legs Frozen.
Duration: Normal

Peace: The target is made peaceful. Any attempt by the target to attack or otherwise act aggressive faces a block with strength equal to the result of the maneuver roll.
Examples: Filled With Compassion, Peace-Bound.
Duration: Normal

Anti-Magic: The target's powers are sealed. Any attempt by the target to cast a spell or otherwise use magic faces a block with strength equal to the result of the maneuver roll.
Examples: Power Sealed, Drained.
Duration: Normal

Paralyse Limb: Select the head, arms, or legs when you use this power. If you select the arms, the target suffers a -2 penalty to Might, Guns, Fists and Weapons. If you select the legs, they suffer a -2 penalty to Athletics and Stealth. If you select the head they suffer a -2 penalty to Scholarship, Alertness, Investigation, and Lore. These penalties don't affect attempts to remove the Aspect, and the GM can choose not to apply them if they feel they are inappropriate for a given roll.
Examples: Brain Drain, Paralysed Limb.
Duration: Normal

Shield: Invisible force protects the target. They get armour 2 against all physical attacks. If combined with other armour, this adds 1 to the other armour's rating instead.
Examples: Protected By God, Skin-Tight Force Field.
Duration: Normal

Minor Shunt: The target is moved elsewhere. Elsewhere must be within 4 zones.
Examples: Wind-Carried, Teleported.
Duration: Instant

Venomous: As Venomous Natural Weaponry.

Lesser Effects [-3] drastically increase or decrease a character's effectiveness.
Blind: The target is blind. They suffer a -2 penalty to melee attacks, a -2 penalty to defence rolls, a -2 penalty to movement attempts, and a -4 penalty to ranged attacks. Area attacks are not penalized, though. They automatically fail sight-based Alertness rolls. Maneuver and block actions similar to the penalized actions may also be penalized, at the GM's discretion. Characters who have The Sight open or an appropriate Supernatural Sense are immune to this effect.
Examples: Blinded, Shrouded In Darkness.
Duration: Normal

Grow: The target grows. They get +3 to lift and break things, inflict 2 additional stress with their muscle-powered attacks, get +1 to attempts to cover ground with Athletics, and have 2 additional armour against physical attacks. However, they get -4 Stealth and physical attacks aimed at them get +1 to hit.
Examples: BIG, Enlarged.
Duration: Normal

Shrink: The target becomes tiny. Their physical attacks inflict 4 less stress and all physical attacks inflict 4 additional stress to them. Add 2 to their Stealth and to their Athletics defence rolls. All attacks from normal-sized foes count as ranged against them for the purpose of selecting defence skills, and they suffer a -2 penalty to sprint rolls.
Examples: Tiny, Shrunken.
Duration: Normal

Slow: The target's actions are slowed. They may only move 1 zone per round with a sprint roll, and may not take supplemental move actions. They take a -1 penalty to all physical actions, and always act last in an exchange. If they have Speed Powers, ignore all of these effects and remove the Speed Powers instead.
Examples: Paralytic Poison, Time Distortion.

Moderate Effects [-4] render their targets useless for as long as they last. Effects this powerful are rarely positive.
Stasis: The target cannot act or be acted upon.
Examples: Dimension Shift Away, Frozen in Time.
Duration: The GM secretly rolls 4 fudge dice. If the result is -2 or lower, 1 exchange. If it's -1, or 0, 2 exchanges. If it's 1, 3 exchanges. If it's 2, 4 exchanges. If it's 3 or higher, until the end of the scene.

Stunned: The only actions the target can take are attempts to remove this effect.
Examples: Hypnotic Paralysis, Trapped by a Barrier.
Duration: Normal.

Shunt: The target is moved elsewhere. Elsewhere must be within 20 zones.
Examples: Gust of Wind, Teleported Away.
Duration: Instant

Fear: The only actions the target can take are attempts to remove this effect. Whenever they fail to remove this effect, they sprint away from you as fast as they can.
Examples: Shock and Awe, Terrify
Duration: Normal

Severe Effects [-6] render their target useless while providing some other benefit to their user for as long as they last.
Dominate: The only actions the target can take are attempts to remove this effect. Whenever they fail to remove this effect, you can dictate an action for them to perform.
Examples: Charmed, Possessed by a Spirit.
Duration: Normal

Petrify: The only actions the target can take are attempts to remove this effect. Attempts to remove this effect suffer a -2 penalty and do not benefit from a cumulative +1 bonus for each repeated attempt.
Examples: Force Choke, Petrification, Stroke.
Duration: Permanent unless removed

Take Out Effects [-10] win fights instantly, and often have other useful applications.
Death: The target dies.
Examples: Dead
Duration: Instant

Transform: The target becomes something else. A frog, a mouse, a knife, Barack Obama...anything you want, as long it's not magical or technologically complex. This can reduce their physical abilities or render them unable to act, but cannot make them more capable. Their mind initially remains intact, but will gradually warp to fit their new body.
Examples: Transformed Into A Frog, Transformed Into A Mouse, Transformed Into A Knife, Transformed Into Barack Obama
Duration: Permanent

Supreme Shunt: You send the target somewhere else. The place you send them must be on the Earth and must contain air, but otherwise there are no limits to where you can send someone.
Examples: Teleported.
Duration: Instant

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