Agent Of Fate

Fate has plans for this world, and for the most part it doesn't need help executing those plans. It bends events quite well on its own.

But sometimes things go wrong. That's why Fate recruits its Agents. It selects children of heroic potential early in life and manipulates their lives to shape them into suitable servants. When it finally decides to initiate them, generally in their late teens, it marks their foreheads with astrological signs and they leave their old lives behind.

Agents of Fate exist to ensure that things go the way that destiny says they should. They're gifted with supernatural insight into Fate and the ability to manipulate probability, so they're generally able to shape events without much direct intervention. But if necessary, they can do a fair bit of damage.

Musts: An Agent of Fate must have a High Concept that reflects its role as a servant of destiny. In addition, every Agent of Fate must take the following Powers:

Wizard's Constitution [-0]
Marked By Power [-1]
Prophecy [-1]
Probability Manipulation [-3]
Controlled Fate [-1]

Options: Agents of Fate can develop their natural abilities further, allowing them to purchase Precognition, Inexplicable Knowledge, and upgrades for Controlled Fate and Probability Manipulation. Agents can also learn mortal magic, so they can purchase Supernatural Martial Arts and various forms of spellcasting.

Important Skills: Lore, others.

Minimum Refresh Cost: -6