High Concept: Alligator
Other Aspects: Ambush Hunter

SKILLS (+30)

Great: Fists, Intimidation, Stealth
Good: Athletics, Endurance, Might
Fair: Alertness, Discipline, Survival
Average: Conviction, Empathy, Presence


Aquatic [-1]
Claws [-1]: Jaws
Echoes of the Beast [-1]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]


Mental (3): OOO
Physical (6): OOOO(OO)
Social (3): OOO
Armor, Etc: Default Armor of 1.


Also used for crocodiles. Larger Alligators may have No Pain, No Gain or even (in the case of some crocodiles) Supernatural Strength or Toughness to reflect their greater size and toughness.

Total Refresh Cost: -7