This is part of the Hangover city, Liverpool, uk setting.

This page contains game mechanic information,including character sheets and is intended for G.M. Use.

if you are a player in a hangover city setting game READING FURTHER MIGHT SPOIL THE SURPRISE!!!!

(not that that will stop you but at least you have be warned)

this contains information about Stephen Allourd and his cats


Black Court Vampire - Long memory - Conversant with all aspects of the Covenant text and defacto defender for those brough before the royal court.
Cursed to feel all the pain of the memories of those he feeds from.

The Cats

This is a big open area to play with - part of me likes the idea that they are 'Cats of Ulthar' like and really in charge of lots of things going on in the city.
Then again they might JUST be cats....