A minor vampire court whose power base originated in Ethiopia, the Amber Court only consists of roughly one hundred total members due to their unique biology. Thousands of years ago, the Archangel Raphael destroyed the physical form of a powerful spirit of Hunger. Sensing his demise, the spirit sent a huge portion of his power into an amber formation located in a cave. After several hundred years, the power of the spirit began to coalesce in the dreams of the spiritually attuned nascent magic users of the region, showing them how to replace a mortal heart with a piece of the amber to make them immortal and provide them with power. The first Amber Court vampire was created from a tribal king who wanted to control the power of the entity, thus creating the King of the Amber Court. The King was killed and his heart removed and replaced with a specially crafted chunk of amber stone in an elaborate ritual. Upon reawakening, he consumed his original heart which activated his powers for the first time. Amber Court vampires are reanimated dead who not only must eat hearts in order to survive, but gain their enemies special abilities.

Musts: An Amber Court Vampire must have a High Concept that reflects its status as an Amber Court Vampire. Furthermore, all Amber Court Vampires have the following Powers:
Living Dead (-1)
Pack Instincts (-1; can sense other Amber Court)Spider Walk (-1)Feeding Dependency (+1; affecting the following powers)Mimic Abilities (-4; can be bought up to higher levels)Inhuman Strength (-2)Inhuman Speed (-2)Inhuman Toughness (-2)The Catch (+1; wounds from holy objects.)
Minimum Refresh Cost: -11