Anfield and Goodison Park

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Sacred Turf Of The Glorious Game

Anfield has been the home to Liverpool football club since the club was founded in 1892, and prior to that was the home of Everton. Indeed Liverpool started as a break away club after a dispute over rent, with the new club retaining the grounds and Everton moving down the road to Goodison Park. Walking in a straight line, there is less than a kilometre between the two grounds. Be careful not to fall into the lake in Stanley Park should you try this, it is rather deep.

The Kop at Anfield is the largest single tier seated stand in Europe holding 12,409, with nine disabled spaces. It replaced the original 30,000 capacity uncovered standing only terrace following the Hillsborough disaster. It is unusual in being a public place with a strong threshold. The collective chants, shared fears and hopes of the supporters of the club have imbued it with a property close to holy ground; making it an anathema to ‘unbelievers’ who do not support the club.

Both stadia have more than their fair share of ghosts - mostly supporters or employees who are unable to move on and leave their clubs behind. Sadly at the moment they only have enough for a small five a side tournament, though most believe it is only a matter of time before they get enough for 2 full teams and official; when they plan to spend eternity in death play the game they loved so much in life.