This collection of pages is intended to serve as a resource for DFRPG players and GMs who are interested in custom Powers. The most recent version of almost every homebrew Power we can find is here, though some Powers have undoubtedly been missed and others have been deemed redundant or otherwise unworthy of inclusion.

The contents of these pages are available as a text document here.

Items Of Power and Sponsored Magics are not included in these pages, since they have their own pages.

Each Power has its own page as well as an entry here. If you want to discuss a Power, do it on its own page.

Some of the Powers here are intended to replace canonical Powers. Such Powers are marked as such on their own pages.

Sometimes Powers on this page are replaced with newer Powers that we think are better written. When that happens, the old Power goes here. Follow that link if something from these pages disappears on you.

Quality control here is pretty minimal. Use this stuff at your own risk.


Adjustable Powers

Each one of these Powers is basically a template that you can use to create a wide variety of different Powers. Examples have been provided for some of them, because some people find these Powers difficult to use.

Creature Features

These Powers represent the innate, usually physical, abilities that inhuman beings have due to the ways that their bodies are built. Of course, these Powers can often be re-flavoured to represent abilities that have nothing to do with bodily make-up.

Faerie Magic

The magic of faeries. Pretty self-explanatory.

Item Powers

Powers other than Items of Power that have to do with powerful items.

Luck Powers

Powers that affect probability. Be warned: these Powers tend to mess with the game’s basic dice mechanics.

Martial Arts

Supernatural martial arts styles and techniques.

Minor Abilities

Powers that didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Nevernever Powers

Powers that have to do with spirits, demons, and controlling areas of the Nevernever.

Psychic Abilities

Mental Powers. Often focused around knowing things and controlling people.


Powers that involve changing one’s physical or mental shape. Surprise!


Powers that involve being really fast, obviously.


Powers that either let you cast spells or affect the way that you cast spells.


Powers that make you tougher either physically or mentally.

True Faith

Powers that have to do with God, faith, skepticism, and thresholds.


Powers that have to do with absorbing other people’s life force.