This Power is intended to replace Demonic Co-Pilot.

Description: A spirit dwells inside you, granting you power in exchange for control over you. Draw upon it too heavily, and you may become its puppet.
Musts: You must have an Aspect reflecting your spiritual partner. If you act against your Co-Pilot's agenda, a Compel may deny you access to this Power.
Note: This Power is usually taken alongside the Sponsor Power. It is not compatible with Immunity to the stress that it inflicts.
Skills Affected: Discipline, others.
Spiritual Power. Whenever you use a skill, you may choose to treat it as though it were one point higher. Do this before rolling.
The Struggle For Control. You have an additional stress track, called the control track. The length of this track is determined by your Conviction. Stress and consequences taken on this track do not begin to heal until you go a full session without using Spiritual Power.
The Price Of Power. At the end of any scene in which you use the Spiritual Power trapping, you suffer a control attack. The accuracy of this control attack is twice the number of times you used Spiritual Power in that scene, and has no weapon rating. Defend with your Discipline skill. If this attack takes you out, you receive a Compel as though you had taken a point of Sponsor Debt. Alternately, the GM may choose to alter one of your permanent Aspects.