This page exists to store locations and cities suitable for use in DFRPG games.

Since cities are so complicated, this wiki often lacks complete writeups for them. So the city links on this page often lead to incomplete pages or to sites outside of the wiki. Links which lead to incomplete pages are tagged as (under construction). Links which lead to sites outside of the wiki are tagged with (external link).

The Mortal Plane


Hangover city, Liverpool, uk (complete page)
Boston, Massachusetts (under construction)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (under construction)
Washington, DC (under construction)
New Orleans, LA, USA (under construction)
Baltimore, Maryland (external link)
Occult Seattle (external link)
Emerald City (external link)
New York (external link)
Edinburgh, UK (external link)
San Francisco (external link)
The Twin Cities (external link)

City-less Locations

The Flesh Pit
The Last Drop

The Nevernever

Summer Locations

The Blossom Of Flame
The Gate To Muspelheim

Wyldfae Locations

Dryads' Forest

Other Locations

The Library
The Iron Spires
The Thousand Crossing Roads